Cuoqet Character Bios Headshot of Ayu, the female protagonist for all things LansHeadshot of Ayu, the female protagonist for all things LansHeadshot of Ayu, the female protagonist for all things Lans


Ayu is among my absolute oldest concepts that has survived by undergoing many revisions and transformations. The inspiration is rather boring and lacking much substance, just being a female epic action RPG hero. Her name and plain features is based off of Ayumu Kasuga, also known as Osaka from the Azumanga Daioh series. Because of this, she actually started off with pale skin, but I had eventually given her a tan and toned her down to a very unassuming color scheme.

Headshot of Anne, the comically diminutive Neopet in charge


Anne is a contender for the oldest concepts that has survived by revision and transformation. I had been a fan of the virtual pet site, Neopets, since a young age, and I would always make a blue Aisha. Her original name was Adept Forces, and while it is a profoundly stupid name, it reveals some of the ambitions of her character which I was formulating. I had planned for Anne and three of her siblings to be involved in a story of estrangement and sordid reconnection. Anne always got the most thought put into her being and how she would become involved with her siblings, and her prestige acts as a means for me to eventually develop the others.

Headshot of Song, the female gag character for all things without place, yet appearing in Lans sometimes


One day I wanted to make a joke Sonic character. Song is a decent enough name and resembles someone struggling to say 'Sonic'. At the time, Sonic using swords was the hottest joke, so I made it her very serious hobby. To drill the joke home, she collects cut gems and metal rings, usually simple bracelets. Despite owning a lot of swords, she actually is not a very skilled swordfighter. Her appearance is based on a plush toy I own. It is a black porcupine with bright yellow highlights for spines.

Song is a character who is better equipped for less serious stories, and I suspect having to adapt outfits around her quills led me into the habit of making her the victim of stupendous wardrobe malfunctions. Early in her inception, she suffered from severe hallucinations and was possessed by a black crow. This was to justify her going off on the types of impossible adventures that Sonic characters would.

Headshot of Charm, the character who mostly exists because I needed more humans in my repertoireHeadshot of Charm, the character who mostly exists because I needed more humans in my repertoire


Charms name comes from the names of species and classes that I once established for the world of Lans. Charmers were Lansfolk capable of commanding corrupted biology, known as Creep. The only reason Charm is a human is because one of my goals for that story was to have a more diverse cast.

Headshot of Echo, the philantropic, blue-collar whale of a static protagonist


I attended college with a short, heavy, army gal in most of my classes. She was bubbly, but also mindful and determined. She would become the inspiration for Echo, who like most of the characters in the stories they are in, is named after the species and classes once established for the World of Lans.

Headshot of Nyx, who bears no relation to another fox with glowy bits


Nyx may be the most overtly sexualized major character to star in a story of my own. Among her inspirations is the similarly idyllic and capable Fujiko Mine from the Lupin III series. She belongs to the Blood Con species in Lans, possessing an affinity for certain supernatural abilities. In her case, Nyx has the ability to camouflage and render herself invisible. Her very public lifestyle at the point she is introduced is not conducive to using these abiltiies, however.

Headshot of Baph, the devil-may-care contraband merchantHeadshot of Baph, the devil-may-care contraband merchantHeadshot of Baph, the devil-may-care contraband merchant


Baph is based off of the Trader seen in the first-person shooter, Killing Floor. I needed a merchant character, and because of the questionable circumstances Ayu would encounter them, arms trading with Baph was painted as an unsavory necessity, especially during extended emergencies. Baph's origins are to be explored in a new story, pitting her devil-may-care attitude with Ayu. Both characters would be clones with very similar appearances to the other, but Baph would elect to transform her appearance into a caricature of sin and pleasures as they grow successful together.

Headshot of Lua, the lazy hourglass fox design that made sense to make into a cloneHeadshot of Lua, the lazy hourglass fox design that made sense to make into a clone


Lua's design came from when I really didnt feel like drawing and would end up sketching out a wasp-waisted, curvaceous white fox with 'Agent Honeydew' hair. The design of the vault suits is heavily based off the space suits featured in the Space Patrol Luluco anime, which beckons to the spandex of that sort of cheesy superhero fiction of Agent Honeydew. It's all a very nice coincidence.

Headshot of Cowqet, who is a horribly trite concept with a ridiculous coat of paint


At a time when I was very unhappy with things, I began working on the design for an excitable sexpot that would represent my online presence. She is not to be taken seriously at all, and it's best to not think too hard about anything concerning her. I naturally give Cowqet a very airheaded and sexually presenting nature for no good reason except they are characteristics that I personally indulge in from a character.

Headshot of Rottel, the mischievous albino cat squirrel platapusHeadshot of Rottel, the mischievous albino cat squirrel platapus


Rottel's design was created after the talking cat, Ame, in 'Pixel' Daisuke Amaya's 4-panel manga collection. Her character was adjusted for an appearance in an early game concept of mine where she would meet people as a figure made of light on a desolate planet under a silent, alien oppression. The name comes from the Beatmania IIDX song titled rottel-the-Mercury. Despite her powerful state in Constellation, she is airheaded and lascivious. Those traits would persist, minus the supernatural aspects. She's just a horny, assistant tinker now. I have very little care for keeping her character reasonable any more, giving Rottel exaggerated sexual features to be played with her airheadedness and providing an obvious outlet for her lusting.

Headshot of Ruy, who is a womanizing glam rocker roboticist


Ruy was my first attempt at making a partially cybernetic character. He has a robotic arm, and an impressive knowledge of robotics. His more frequently relevant traits is ostentatious makeup, feminine fashion choices, and a flirtatious, womanizing attitude. I often plan for future, transhuman forms of my characters that possess significant technological affinity. Ruy is one such candidate, and will undoubtedly find a way to continue flirting with women after converting himself into an insufferable artificial intelligence.

Headshot of Foxy, who has gigantic breasts and the most original name ever


Foxy first debuted in Beyond, with the nickname of 'Foxtits'. As a bit of inadvisable and ironic writing, her most defining trait at the point of her introduction is having noticably larger breasts than her cohorts. Foxy, and the characters in Beyond all had a very brief creation process. If the name was any indication, I had not exactly expected her to become a major character. I would end up developing Foxy and revising both her design and character many times.

Headshot of Chance, the noisy white girl of LansHeadshot of Chance, the noisy white girl of Lans


Chance was first conceived for Everse and was originally a Blood Con, like the titular protagonist. The names of the main characters in Everse are action-nouns. To diversify the cast, Chance was changed into a human, and her appearance would be based on Kitsune superstition. Her slender features and pronounced beauty would lead the design to becoming another of the clone varieties, alongside Ayu's design. While Chance was the patriotic shelter mechanic in Everse, she plays the role of a shameless spiritual hack in Mother Base.

Headshot of Sterling, who is quite the stud apparently


Sterling is a mighty generic dog man who first debuted in Beyond, alongside Ayu. He lacks compassion for his fellow man, is opportunistic and sleazy at times. Despite this, people want to see him naked and I can't fathom why. He remains about the same when returning in Mother Base, just a lot more independent and powerful this time. A running joke is that he dated Ayu in the past, or that he will date Ayu in Mother Base, but that they minimize contact with each other because it wasn't meant to be.

Headshot of Casper, who doesnt express his inner glam-rocker until deep into his transhumanismHeadshot of Casper, who doesnt express his inner glam-rocker until deep into his transhumanismHeadshot of Casper, who doesnt express his inner glam-rocker until deep into his transhumanism


Casper's character was based on Kunihiko Maeda from the 1998 video game, Parasite Eve. In Beyond, Casper is a transhuman who arrives from a world away to investigate the major supernatural incident there. He would employ suicidal bravery and thoughtful investigation to deal with cultural barriers and his own social meekness similar to Maeda's exploits. While I've mostly retired Casper as a major character, the spirit of his being is the template for potential transhuman characters in Lans, such as Ruy. Ayu and Casper are ancient concepts, created around the same time as practical deuteragonists, though his design has been totally transformed throughout.

Headshot of Castle, the observer superhero After the End who is inexplicably dressed like huge slut


Castle occupies the role of the highly capable and solitary fighter exploring an obliterated world, or at least one where few people can be found. I would normally have a suited-up, future form of Ayu for this role, but I was inspired by the NieR Automata video game to make a new character with the gratuitous sexiness and style at its center. Castle's visual design is a meshwork of 2B from NieR Automata, Nono from Gunbuster 2, and Aigis from Persona 3. The design is a step closer to showcasing the uncomfortable vanity and technological overconfidence of the precursor civilization in Lans.

Castle was previously the character name given to a female Vapora military commander who would battle practically alone through various cataclysms set in Lans. The naming scheme is a result of the latin alphabet code names of Pacific nuclear weapon tests, Able, which became Eibera, Baker, which became Bakera, and Castle. Other fighters of Castle's type follow in this way, with names such as Ivy and Argus.

Headshot of noimage, the most powerful character of all

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Headshot of Heunginjimun. Gesundheit !


Heunginjimun can be a mouthful of a name, but she is often referred to as Yoon for brevity. She is a yellow Aisha Neopet that exists as an instructor figure, and sometimes is seen with robotic arms and legs.

Headshot of Clubs. Chaotic neutral.Headshot of Clubs. Chaotic neutral.


Clubs is a Gelert Neopet, but is based on a type of 'Laboratory Ray' pet that frequently changes forms. He is Anne's brother and has the cunning and cruelty to take advantage of his frequent shape-shifting to enact vigilantism and evade identification.

Headshot of Yuki, the Queen of Hearts.


Yuki is a Shoyru Neopet, and Anne's sister. She is based on Valentine Wiggin from the Ender's Game novels, being highly compassionate and sensitive to others.

Headshot of Empress, the pint-sized, self-righteous tycoon.


Empress is a dimunitive wasp-lady with an enormous checkbook. She has more money than sense, often outdoors with far too little security detail and is infamous for her brash, hands-on negotiations.

Headshot of Bacon, the noodly man-slut.


I created Bacon in order to have an average-height male character to 'play with'. His namesake and visual design was chosen as a pairing for Cowqet, who is supposed to resemble fried egg. Bacon and eggs.

Headshot of Zangeki, the vain and capable hooligan.


Zangeki is a Mienshao Pokemon that was created to play in a homebrew roleplay as part of a gang of thieves. She would garner a reputation for declothing people and takes plenty pride in her marriage of clothes-based mischief and beauty. I am certainly not immune to hopeless gag characters.