A scene of miners and divers uncovering hidden vaults containing powerful resoruces beyond scientific understanding.

The people of Lans were not the first to inhabit it. Caches of ancient and powerful resources lay hidden around the world.

Front view of a deadly and radiant warrior typical of the old world, fighting others for dominance.

For much of history, individual might was law, and those best equipped fought day-to-day against other self-made gods.

The scene of a naval battle between the plain metal battleships of lansfolk fighting back a debilitating new foe.

Reliance on ancient powers spells their defeat against a debilitating new foe. Survivors enter the age of military states, renewing faith in sweat, explosives, and steel.

Their world lay in ruins as a new generation of fleets venture back into the destruction to reclaim the colonies.

Back on its feet, navies of the world bolster their forces and set their sights on retaking the colonies.


The World of Lans is my independently developed creative project for producing illustrations, comics, and other media within an original setting of my creation.

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cuoqet, 2017